Cooking Base for Squid Ink Paella 1 L/33.83 Fl.Oz

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Make the classic Arroz Nero black rice paella at home with this seafood stock with fresh squid from Aneto! Aneto takes stock to the next level with this blend of their homemade broth, saut‚ed, vegetables, and fish. This creates a wonderful and filling paella, where all you need to do is add your favorite brand of short-grained rice. To start, Aneto fries the onions, tomatoes and garlic in virgin olive oil over a very low heat to create a sofrito. They then season it with paprika and a touch of saffron. Next they add all the seafood and the rock fish to the sofrito and continue cooking it gently for over 2 hours, slowly adding Aneto?s Seafood Broth. Finally, at the end of cooking, fresh squid ink is added to give the broth it?s characteristic color.