Duck Legs Confit with Duck Fat

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What do you think about the idea to go on a picnic with friends and enjoy the delicacies of French cuisine in the open air? Bring along a hat, blanket and a jar of Duck Leg Confit.

Confit of duck legs is a visit card of French cuisine. Prepared with generous meat legs of Moulard ducks and roasted in its own juice until tender texture and a golden crust, Duck Confit brings together more and more fans around the World. 

Duck Leg Confit with Duck Fat by Rougie is packaged in ample bank and contains at once four full servings of meat dish.

Do you want to have a barbecue? Just put the duck legs on the grill skin side up and fry until brown crisp. Use the remaining valuable Duck Fat for frying potatoes or vegetables and amazingly delicious smell enhance the palatability of your garnish.

Need to treat your unexpected guests with dinner? Duck Confit will help you out in this, since it is completely ready for use. And handy tin can allows you to store the sterilized product for a long time, or take it to the camping trip.