Leonidas Les Carrés de Alexandre

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The caramel assortment in honour of Alexandre consists of 12 delicious chocolates in 4 flavours. The caramel with candied orange is the latest flavour to join the family.

Alexandre le Grand milk is a combination of orange and caramel. It’s an embodiment of the joy of Alexander the Great, who was the first to import his favourite orange fruit from Mesopotamia to Europe. Beneath its dark chocolate exterior, Alexandre le Grand dark reveals a silky caramel cream.

The delectable Bergamote gives the caramel cream an exquisite, fruity touch. And you’ll be enraptured by the perfect balance between salty and sweet in the Bretagne.



Did you know that the orange was Alexander the Great’s favourite fruit? He was the first to import this fruit from Mesopotamia to Europe. He inspired our Master Chocolatier to forge this new alliance between orange and caramel. The lightly candied orange adds a fresh touch to the caramel with a pleasingly tangy bite.


Dark chocolate and caramel cream make a perfect flavour combination. The blonde caramel is gently simmered long enough to give it a rich colour without bitterness. And using just the right amount gives it the perfect creamy texture.


Just like Alexander the Great was enamoured of poetry, you’ll be won over by the Bergamot chocolate. Bergamot gives a sweet, aromatic flavour to the caramel. Bergamot is a citrus fruit known for its use to flavour Earl Grey tea. Our Master Chocolatier has achieved the ultimate balance between the flavours of chocolate and citrus.


When you think of caramel, no doubt caramel made with salted butter comes to mind. It’s one of the specialties of Guérande, a city in Brittany. We created this perfect balance between sweet and salty to transport you to this spectacular coastal region.