Linguine Gluten Free

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Rummo Gluten-free pasta is one of the most well-known pasta brands in Italy: the historic pasta factory has breached the hearts of many customers both for the quality of the product - based on the cult of "slow processing" - and for its attention to packaging and its references vintage. Lately, as well as other historic Italian pasta factories, it has also launched a gluten-free version of its pasta.


Rummo Gluten-free pasta  is a bronze-drawn pasta made from selected ingredients such as wholemeal rice, raw white corn, yellow corn - all GMO-free. This is the result of a "pasta philosophy" and special cooking. Rummo Pasta is unique and easy to digest, thus allows natural incorporation of fiber. 

Rummo Gluten-free pasta is one of the Italian pasta with more history and without a doubt one of the best in the market. Its secret is the slow elaboration, a commitment to the traditional methods of pasta production.

The ingredients - rice, yellow corn, and white corn - are amalgamated with the help of steam until a smooth but stiff dough is obtained.

Region: Naples

Product of Italy