Organic pasta di canapa (hemp)

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STROZZAPRETI 250g (8.8oz) Protein per serving 8g

Ingredients: Organic Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina. Organic Hemp flour 20%, Organic flax flour 10%, water.

Cooking time: 6-7 minutes.

Production methods: Traditional bronze wire drawing and slow drying process. EU Organic Farming

Hemp vs Marijuana: Composition Cannabis contains a variety of different compounds called Cannabinoids, two of rich, and the most dominant are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Both Cannabinoids have shown to provide profound benefits to the human body; however, THC induces psychoactive effects (gets the user “high”), while CBD does not contain any psychoactive properties. When comparing Hemp vs Marijuana, this is a huge distinction; while Hemp contains a very low concentration of THC (0.3% or less), Marijuana is abundant in THC with concentrations between 15% to 40%. Because of this, Hemp is grown primarily for industrial purposes, while Marijuana is grown for recreational and medicinal purposes. Please go to the following link for a better understanding of the differences between Hemp & Marihuana:

Benefits of hemp: High in protein and fiber, High in natural vitamins and minerals, Contains essential fatty acids and amino acids, Powerful energy source, Helps fight cardiovascular disease, Antioxidant, Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides

Senatore Cappelli: A Non-GMO highly digestive grain with presence of Flavonoids, Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory properties, Helps reducing cholesterol and intestinal inflammation, Contains vitamins E and B5, Folic acid, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Iodine and Selenium.

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